We are Factory Direct

Aisan Man making Robin Ruth Sunglasses in yellow jacketRobin Ruth Eyewear Sunglasses factory floorRobin Ruth Eyewear Factory head with sunglass spectacles on face

We are transparent:
We are factory-direct, allowing for ethical development of all Robin Ruth Products leveraging our family owned and managed factories.
Robin Ruth Eyewear Designs, Develop and Produce eyewear and sunglasses with no middle man, our glasses are designed in Amsterdam, assembled in China, and shipped across the world to our Robin Ruth Authorized Stores and sold directly to you.
No Marketing uplift, no additional charges and no minimum limit!
Our motto is simple, sunder designed and developed by us and sold directly to you via our authorized dealers or via this shiny website!
So, there you go:
ROBIN RUTH SUNGLASSES, FACTORY DIRECT SUNGLASSES, and EYEWEAR. Direct from the source EYEWEAR, no hassle no gimmicks.